He was very punctual and stood there early to wait for me. I looked at him. He was not tall but very strong. His skin was swarthy. He wore a regular white shirt and black trousers. His sleeves were pulled high. He had a very old belt tied around his waist. The paint on the surface was almost polished. He came up to me and asked me in a low voice, "are you Lin Peiwen?" I said yes, he rubbed his hands, smiled shyly, and said, "I am a horse who is self-improvement." He is quite honest. This is my first impression of Ma's self-improvement. I asked him to sit down in the cold drink shop and ask him what he was drinking. He wiped the tip of his nose and looked a little confused. He shook his head and said, "I'm not thirsty..." He is also a new student. He is in the computer department with me. His grades are 100 times better than mine. I asked him what happened when he said that it was very difficult at home. His face was even more embarrassed: "my father is gone. My mother raised me and my brother by herself. This year I went to college. My mother even sold her old house. She went to the construction site to pick out sand and ashes for me. My brother borrowed them from relatives and said that he would not read them as soon as he graduated next year..." He took a sip of the juice carefully and then stopped talking. When he heard me say let him live with me, he scratched his head and smiled a little red on his swarthy face. That day, when he left, he was extravagant to invite me to have ice cream. He said, "I'm so sorry that you invited me to drink such expensive drinks." He really amused me.